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Boggess Winners’ Statement

Friday, November 13th, 2009

I’m just back from Seattle, where AWRA held a very successful Annual Conference. One of the many events was the presentation of the 2009 Boggess Award to Dustin Garrick, Katharine Jacobs, and Gregg Garfin – see my earlier post on this. Dustin ( asked that I post the acknowledgment below on the blog. Congratulations to all!

“The authors wish to credit the stakeholders – led by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the Arizona Department of Water Resources – for their invaluable contribution to the manuscript at all stages from study design through execution. This paper is part of a larger multidisciplinary effort to enhance water supply reliability in the Lower Colorado River Basin by incorporating climate and paleohydrological information into river operations modeling and management. The project team also evaluates economic and management tools capable of mitigating the impacts of water supply variability during prolonged dry-year conditions. Research tasks share an interdisciplinary methodology driven by active stakeholder engagement. At the project’s outset, the University of Arizona team solicited feedback from water managers and users to refine the research scope and identify the core decision support challenges and research questions. This engagement process began in 2004 amidst unprecedented reservoir declines in the Colorado River system and provided the impetus and inspiration for the research and manuscript that received the 2008 Boggess Award. To date the project has produced a range of outcomes linking climate science and water management, including 20 publications and a number of workshops or focus group sessions. Support for the research has been provided by the University of Arizona Water Sustainability Program and the Bureau of Reclamation. More information on the project, publications, and stakeholders is available online at: .”