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AE, Riparian Ecology and Management

Friday, February 19th, 2010

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Caruso, of the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, as Associate Editor for Riparian Ecology and Management. This was a difficult position to fill, but the end result turned out fine. Brian has great qualifications, is well acquainted with JAWRA, and his work in the U.S. and New Zealand gives him a worldwide perspective on the issues.

Welcome Brian!

Snow closures

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Some of you may have seen the note on the AWRA website about the snow disrupting Headquarters operations. Middleburg is a quaint little town outside of Washington, D.C., not far from the Blue Ridge mountains. Topographically, that’s where the recent blizzard dumped its deepest snow!

Editorially, the impact on JAWRA has been minimal, as most of our work is online. I normally edit from my apartment, high up above Reston, Virginia. Susan, who lives further out, also logged in from home to keep up.

Ironically, Susan and I were just about finished with the long-awaited Instructions for Authors revisions. The snow has pushed that back a little.

The Orlando GIS Conference in March is looking better and better to me! Not just because it’s warm there. The program is just chock full of talks which could turn into JAWRA papers. It will be a busy time.

New JAWRA AE for Geospatial Analysis

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

I am pleased to announce the selection of Y. Jun Xu of Louisiana State University as the new JAWRA Associate Editor for Geospatial Analysis. Jun received his BS from Beijing Forest University, and an M.S. and Ph.D. from Göttingen University, Germany. He has worked in the U.S. since 1997, first at Virginia Tech, then at LSU since 2002. Jun already is familiar with AWRA and JAWRA, having published with us and served as a reviewer.

Jun has a strong interest in applying remote sensing to hydrologic applications. He feels remote sensing journals tend to focus heavily on the instruments themselves, leaving an opening for JAWRA to look at the hydrologic interpretation of the output. I think he will be a great complement to our skill set.

Welcome, Jun, to our team!