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Duplicate submissions

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

When you submit a paper to JAWRA, we require you to check the box that  it is NOT being considered elsewhere. Why?

Besides the ethical problems of a author getting two publication credits for the same work, there are practical reasons. First, we do not want to waste our resources on a paper you may ultimately decide to publish elsewhere. It’s just not fair to our reviewers. Equally important, we need to be sure we have clear copyright permission to publish your paper; involving a second publisher could bring this into question.

Duplicate submissions, whether through intent or carelessness, are a form of author misconduct. When found, they result in serious sanctions, the least of which is summary rejection. If discovered after publication — search engines make this easier than you may think — there could be legal consequences as well, as those copyright forms mean something. Following advice in the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) forum, I believe I have an ethical obligation to advise other editors when I discover an author has submitted duplicates to both our journals.

We do our best to review papers and make publication decisions as quickly as possible. Should we reject your manuscript or return it without review, you are only then more than welcome to submit it to another journal.


Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Dear JAWRA Authors, Readers, and Reviewers,

AWRA_HFD13_0900I set two goals for myself when I assumed the Editorship of JAWRA in 2006: (1) make JAWRA the journal of choice for top authors doing important research; and (2) quit while I’m ahead. History will have to judge the first goal, though I think I’ve given it a good shot. Regarding the second, it’s time.

And how time has flown! This is my ninth year as Editor, the second longest in tenure only to Randy Boggess’ 10 years. I’ve approved publication of about 1,000 articles, and rejected an equal number. Our Impact Factor has tripled and our circulation has increased eightfold. Manuscript submissions are way up, and, thanks to ScholarOne Manuscripts™, our median time-to-first decision remains a very respectable 90 days.

I’m not burned out … yet. I still read every article and give each the thoughtful decision it deserves. But, there are some mornings my processing queue seems frightfully large, and the temptation to set my editing on “cruise control” looms greater. I don’t want to reach that point. Randy Boggess once said a journal periodically needs a new outlook. Not for the first time, I find myself agreeing with that wise gentleman. It’s time to pass the baton to another.

President-Elect John Tracy is heading an all-star search committee. Please see the AWRA website for an announcement of this opening. Given JAWRA’s status, I think we will draw many fine applicants for the job. I have the utmost confidence they will pick a fine successor to continue our wonderful journal.

There are many people for me to thank, and I certainly will do so before I depart at the end of December. Meanwhile, I still have issues to get out, and I need to keep the work queues filled to get the next Editor off to a great start.

– Ken