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How do you and Susan divide your responsibilities?

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

[Another in my series on editing.]

JAWRA Managing Editor Susan Scalia and I have worked together for almost nine years, so we’ve carved out our responsibilities pretty well. Basically, anything having to do with the science is my bailiwick, while everything concerning the mechanics of submittal and publishing is Susan’s. Whom should you contact if you have a question and are not sure? Both of us! ( We’ll work it out ourselves in answering.

15 years of editing

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Conference sessionI’m out in Reno, Nevada this week, at the AWRA Summer Specialty Conference, “Integrated Water Resources Management: From Theory to Application.” I had the opportunity to have lunch with my predecessor, John Warwick. Now at the University of Southern Illinois, John has been a little distant from AWRA, but it was nice to see him coming back to this meeting. It was so good to catch up with news of John and his wife, Laura Helsel, who once held Susan’s position.

A  conversation with John at a Florida meeting led to my becoming Editor. I told John I heard he was leaving, and asked what we would do without him. He said, “Have you thought of the job?” I hadn’t, up to that point, but I thought, if John felt I was qualified, maybe that was a possibility. One thing led to another, and here I am!

I give John credit for starting the idea of Featured Collections, something I picked up on and developed very successfully. FCs have provided some of our best and most popular papers over the years. So, it was a rare occasion to talk with someone who has figuratively walked in my shoes and had the same experiences. A lot has changed with JAWRA — Wiley, ScholarOne, just to name two — but much has remained the same.

The photo shows one of the conference sessions. The current and five past AWRA Presidents are in the room, along with two Editors representing 15 years of JAWRA!