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Copy editing

Friday, October 24th, 2014

One of the advantages of publishing in a high-quality journal is you get professional copy editing. Like a new car dealer, we want your paper to shine when you bring it out on the street!

During the review process, we strive to make sure your meaning is clear. Once we reach that point, our partners at Wiley can handle minor grammar corrections. ┬áKeep in mind, though, our copy editors are English majors, not hydrologists! So, it’s very important to read the proof copy to make sure they have not inadvertently changed your meaning.

We appreciate reviewers showing authors how better organization may help bring out the point of a paper. And, we certainly need to know if the English is so bad it will cause problems for our copy editors. However, it generally is not necessary for a reviewer to provide detailed copy editing; it only duplicates a service we already provide.


Editor-in-Chief status

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Just to avoid rumors, let me give you an update. The new JAWRA Editor-in-Chief has been selected and is awaiting final ratification by the AWRA Board of Directors at their November 1 meeting. An official announcement will be made shortly thereafter.

I know who was selected and am absolutely delighted. We already are working towards a smooth transition.