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Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

As my tenure at JAWRA draws to a close, it’s time for me to thank all those who make our journal possible and have contributed so much to its growth over the past nine years.

Thank you, authors, for choosing to publish in JAWRA! You are where it all begins. I hope your fresh ideas continue to inform and challenge our readers.  New ideas are good for the soul. I remain optimistic your science will eventually let us live in harmony on this beautiful blue planet.

Thank you, reviewers! You are more than gatekeepers; your best efforts turn good manuscripts into great papers. May you continue to hold authors to high standards.

Thank you, Associate Editors! You and I know who does the heavy lifting around here. If I have shown any wisdom in this job, it is in listening to your wise advice.

Thank you, AWRA Staff! I love you guys! I won’t say more because I suspect you will find a way to keep me involved with AWRA. There are, however, two of you I must single out.

Thank you AWRA Executive Director, Ken Reid! You deserve a Profile in Courage Award for listening to your nerdy Editor and partnering us with Wiley. You could have continued business as usual into a slow decline, but you took the bold path to success. Bravo!

Thank you JAWRA Managing Editor, Susan Scalia! We’re up against a page limit, so I won’t list all the good things you do. I’ll just say this: You’ve shown again and again you care, you really care JAWRA is the best journal it can be. If I have one piece of advice for the new Editor-in-Chief, it is: “Do what Susan says!”

Thank you, AWRA Board! You gave me the freedom to run this journal in an effective and ethical manner. You also provided an outstanding conference program, the source of so many JAWRA papers.

Thank you, our partners at Wiley! You gave us the support and guidance to help JAWRA advance to the next level. The modern publishing world is a turbulent place, but I feel JAWRA is in a good position with you behind us.

Thank you, Jim Wigington, JAWRA’s incoming Editor-in-Chief, for stepping forward. Leaving was not easy for me. But, I wanted to do so before I got stale, and I wanted to place JAWRA into good hands. I feel you are the perfect choice to lead JAWRA into the future.

Finally, thank you, readers! Your kind words have kept me going. And, thank you for citing us!

It’s been a great ride!

Ken Lanfear

JAWRA Editor, 2006-2014