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Thursday, May 28th, 2015

I am pleased to report the recent appointment of three new associate editors.

Dr. Scott Leibowitz, Research Ecologist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Health and Environmental Research Laboratory, Western Ecology Division, Corvallis, Oregon. Dr. Leibowitz is the associate editor responsible for a new section of JAWRA entitled: “Water Commentaries and Reviews”. Please see related post that describes this new section.

Dr. Ryan Morrison, Research Environmental Engineer, U.S. Geological Survey, Fort Collins Science Center, Aquatic Sciences Branch, Fort Collins, Colorado. Dr. Morrison is associate editor for Surface Water Hydrology.

Dr. Sopan Patil, Lecturer in Catchment Modelling, School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography, Bangor University, Bangor, United Kingdom. Dr. Patil is associate editor for Surface Water Hydrology.

New JAWRA Section: Water Commentaries and Reviews

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

I am excited to announce the addition of a new section to JAWRA entitled: Water Commentaries and Reviews. This section of the journal consists of invited commentaries or reviews that provide new insights or concepts relevant to a broad range of multidisciplinary water researchers and practitioners. Articles will synthesize and build upon existing water-related research and will offer the opportunity for authors to present cutting edge ideas in a format not bound by the restraints of traditional technical papers. Manuscripts should be written in a style understandable to a broad multidisciplinary audience and should be limited to 3,250 words and 5 tables and/or figures.  All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed according to normal JAWRA practices and subject to standard publication fees. Invitations to submit articles to this section are made by the editor-in-chief or the associate editor for Water Commentaries and Reviews (AE-WCR). Invitation does not guarantee acceptance for publication. Authors interested in seeking an invitation to submit an article to this section may submit a one-page proposal for the article to the Dr. Scott Leibowitz, AE-WCR (


Sunday, May 10th, 2015

The William R. Boggess Award is given to the author or authors of the paper, published in the JAWRA during the preceding year, that best describes, delineates, or analyzes a major problem or aspect of water resources from either a theoretical, applied, or philosophical standpoint. Established in 1973, the Award honors William R. “Randy” Boggess, a member of AWRA, one of the first Directors, and a former President of the Association, who has also made significant contributions to AWRA as an Editor of JAWRA.

I am pleased to announcement the JAWRA editorial board has selected three papers as finalists for the 2014 Boggess Award. They are:

Cockerill, K. and W.P. Anderson, Jr., 2014. Creating False Images: Stream Restoration in an Urban Setting. JAWRA 50(2):468-482. jawr.12131.

DiFrancesco, K.N., and D.D. Tullos. 2014. Flexibility in Water Resources Management: Review of Concepts and Development of Assessment Flood Management Systems. JAWRA 50(6):1527-1539. jawr.12214.

Weller, D.E. and M.E. Baker. 2014. Cropland Riparian Buffers throughout Chesapeake Bay Watershed: Spatial Patterns and Effects on Nitrate Loads Delivered to Streams. JAWRA 50(3):696-712. jawr.12207.

The winner of the Boggess Award will be announced by the AWRA President.