New JAWRA Section: Water Commentaries and Reviews

I am excited to announce the addition of a new section to JAWRA entitled: Water Commentaries and Reviews. This section of the journal consists of invited commentaries or reviews that provide new insights or concepts relevant to a broad range of multidisciplinary water researchers and practitioners. Articles will synthesize and build upon existing water-related research and will offer the opportunity for authors to present cutting edge ideas in a format not bound by the restraints of traditional technical papers. Manuscripts should be written in a style understandable to a broad multidisciplinary audience and should be limited to 3,250 words and 5 tables and/or figures.  All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed according to normal JAWRA practices and subject to standard publication fees. Invitations to submit articles to this section are made by the editor-in-chief or the associate editor for Water Commentaries and Reviews (AE-WCR). Invitation does not guarantee acceptance for publication. Authors interested in seeking an invitation to submit an article to this section may submit a one-page proposal for the article to the Dr. Scott Leibowitz, AE-WCR (

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