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This blog is for discussing the content and production of JAWRA.

Modern journal articles no longer are static creations, bound in paper resting on shelves. Commentary and explanations play an increasing role in how we understand and use science. On the back cover (Yes, we still offer print!) of each issue, I provide one or two sentence highlights of selected articles. This blog allows me to expand these highlights, so I can not only explain what the paper says, but what it means to our knowledge of water resources. I invite our readers to jump in with their own commentary about the impacts of our articles.

This blog also provides a forum for administrative and editorial announcements of interest to potential authors, reviewers, and associate editors.


Basically, I will allow any relevant comment to be posted. I must insist, though, all comments follow our principles of professionalism and civility: “It is permissible to criticize ideas, writings, and actions, but not to make personal attacks upon individuals or organizations.”

If you are an author and have a question about a specific manuscript you have submitted, I suggest corresponding through our ScholarOne(tm) Manuscripts system. A public blog is not the place to discuss ongoing review comments.

Also, keep in mind a blog is by nature ephemeral. Like many journals, JAWRA itself provides for Discussion and Reply. If you have detailed and specific comments about a published article, and want to publish this as part of the permanent scientific record, please prepare a Discussion and submit it via ScholarOne(tm) Manuscripts.


In writing about published JAWRA articles, I will quote and paraphrase freely from the articles themselves. However, all interpretations and opinions expressed in this blog are my own, and are not necessarily those of the authors, their sponsoring organizations, or AWRA.

Kenneth J. Lanfear, P.E.

Editor, Journal of the American Water Resources Association

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