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PNAS Special Feature: Eight Papers on ‘Climate Change and Water in Southwestern North America’

50_cover The current issue of PNAS features eight papers covering Climate Change and Water in Southwestern North America.

The articles are freely downloadable; I’ve listed them below with links to their PDFs.

Water, climate change and sustainability and the Southwest, Glen M. MacDonald

Reclaiming freshwater sustainability in the Cadillac Desert, John L. Sabo, Tushar Sinha, Laura C. Bowling, Gerrit H. W. Schoups, Wesley W. Wallender, Michael E. Campana, Keith A. Cherkauer, Pam L. Fuller, William L. Graf, Jan W. Hopmans, John S. Kominoski, Carissa Taylor, Stanley W. Trimble, Robert H. Webb, and Ellen E. Wohl

Roadmap for sustainable water rersources in southwestern North America, Peter H. Gleick

Future dryness in the southwest US and the hydrology of the early 21st century drought, Daniel R. Cayan, Tapash Das, David W. Pierce, Tim P. Barnett, Mary Tyree, and Alexander Gershunov

Greenhouse warming and the 21st century hydroclimate of southwestern North America, Richard Seager and Gabriel A. Vecchi

A 1,200-year perspective of 21st century drought in southwestern North America, Connie A. Woodhouse, David M. Meko, Glen M. MacDonald, Dave W. Stahle, and Edward R. Cook

Forest responses to increasing aridity and warmth in the southwestern United States, A. Park Williams, Craig D. Allen, Constance I. Millar, Thomas W. Swetnam, Joel Michaelsen, Christopher J. Still, and Steven W. Leavitt

Vulnerability assessment of climate-induced water shortage in Phoenix, Patricia Gober and Craig W. Kirkwood

“Westerners call what they have established out here a civilization, but it would be more accurate to call it a beachhead. And if history is any guide, the odds that we can sustain it would have to be regarded as low.” —Marc Reisner, Cadillac Desert,p. 3.

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