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TGIF – Tweets Galore! It’s Friday, 24 June 2011 – Special Winnemucca Edition

I spent last evening in Winnemucca, NV, after a lesiurely 480-mile (770 km) drive from Corvallis.

As you can see, the welcoming sign is pretty sedate considering this is Nevada. I was expecting a garish sign replete with flashing lights and young, happy, beautiful people cleaning up at the dollar slots. And the motto just blew me away. Understated, for sure.

Great seeing the mighty Humboldt River again.

So here are last week’s Tweets – catch up on the past week’s water news.

I am en route to Snowbird, Utah, for the AWRA Summer Specialty Conference, Integrated Water Resources Management: The Emperor’s New Clothes or Indispensable Process?

Download the final conference program.

Winnemucca: Proud of it” .” — City of Winnemucca motto

“First prize: one week in Winnemucca. Second prize: two weeks in Winnemucca.”

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