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TGIF! Weekly Water News Summary, 7-13 July 2012

Happy Friday the 13th! Third one of the year, exactly 13 weeks apart, rather rare. Must be the Mayan thing – have the last year go out with a bang.

It’s been a great week since I returned from Central America. Just learned that the pipe has started to arrive for DSCF0077
the ACJF water project in Los Mejias, Honduras. The system should be built by the end of this month.

I also attended four amazing thesis/dissertation defenses. Impressive students!

Here is the link to the previous week’s water news.


“Baby, it’s hot outside. If it wasn’t for the refreshing cold front pushing through parts of the U.S. right now, one might be tempted to think there is something to all that global warming nonsense that conveniently breaks out every time it is warm enough for a climate change alarmist to break out in a sweat.” –
Susan Stamper Brown 11 July 2012 (thanks to Mark Boslough)

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