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TGIF! Weekly Water News Summary, 11 – 17 August 2012

I had a delightful meeting last night with Kerry Freek, the impressive young editor of Water Canada and associate editor of ReNew Canada.

It was nice finally to meet her and talk about water issues in Canada and the USA – similarities and differences. I mentioned that a Canadian Twitter follower told me the LaRouche folks (here is a tongue-in-cheek post) were pushing the NAWAPA project to her group. We both agreed that promoting a project to export lots of Canadian water to the USA would be a very tough sell to Canadians!

She was in Oregon visiting Next Gen Turf Research LLC to learn of the advances being made in the area of drought-proof and low-water turf. About 100 people – not all Canadians – were on this trip, so it was a big deal.

She clued me in on the Canadian Water Network’s meeting, Connecting Water Resources 2013: Changing the Water Paradigm. It’s the water meeting in Canada. I think I will try to make it.

In October 2012 she will be part of a Canadian team climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for the water charity WaterCan (she did not mention this to me).

A most enjoyable time  just two WaterWonks chatting about water stuff at a Denny’s in Albany, OR.

Click here for the weekly water news. Enjoy!

“Through other people’s faults, wise men correct their own.” –Canadian proverb

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