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Threefer: 1) Case Studies in IWRM: From Local Stewardship to National Vision; 2) JAX Program; 3) Allan on IWRM/IWARM

Lots of IWRM stuff here!

1) The AWRA Policy Committee has just produced this excellent report, Case Studies in Integrated Water Resources Management: From Local Stewardship to National Vision:

Download AWRA-Case-Studies-IWRM

The publication

…explores the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management in the United States through seven case studies. Utilizing regional and state experiences, the report examines opportunities to improve our stewardship of water resources by moving towards integrated water management at all levels of governance.

Dr. Brenda O. Bateman, Policy Committee Chair and crafter of Oregon’s Integrated Water Resources Strategy (IWRS), skillfully guided the production of this report and Racquel Rancier, a recent MS graduate in Water Policy and Management from OSU, did the bulk of the research and writing. She did a remarkable job.

Here is some of AWRA’s work on water policy. At this site you can download the May Impact2011 special IWRM issue of Water Resources IMPACT. And don’t forget the proceedings of the 2011 Snowbird conference and the IWRM-Collaborative Modeling handout.

We are developing an IWRM webinar based in part on the report. We will be announcing this series before the end of the year.


2) Hot of the press – the final program of the upcoming annual (12-15 November) conference in Jacksonville:

Download Final_Program_AWRA_2012

See you there!

3) IWRM/IWARM: A New Sanctioned Discourse?

Last but not least – found this 2003 ‘oldie but goodie’ by Tony Allan:

Download Tony_Allan_IWRM_2003


“So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work.” – Peter Drucker

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