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December 2012 President’s Message

Winter is finally here in the Rockies! I sure hope we get more snow and colder temperatures than last year. It will have to get very cold very soon to keep 2012 from being the warmest year on record in the United States, and one of the driest too. Extreme weather events like drought in the Midwest and Hurricane Sandy in the East caused billions of dollars in damage.

The impacts of climate, weather, and extreme events on humans is an issue that I am sure will keep many of us water resources professionals busy for decades to come. AWRA meetings such as the recently completed Annual Conference in Jacksonville, Florida are great places to learn about the newest tools, techniques, and data sets that you and your fellow water professionals will be using to solve the climate related problems of the future.

The year has gone by too quickly and my time as AWRA President is just about finished. The reigns (maybe “rigging” would be more appropriate) of AWRA will soon be in the very capable hands of Carol Collier. I want to thank the Headquarters staff, the other Board Members, and all of you AWRA members for making this year fun, educational, memorable, and fulfilling. I especially want to thank my family for allowing me the time and giving me the support to participate in the many AWRA events that have keep me traveling the last two years (just one more year to go as past-President).

Finally, here is a brief summary of the November AWRA Board of Directors meeting. We heard about the status of upcoming conferences in St Louis, Hartford, Portland, and Beijing; received updates on AWRA’s 2012 budget and membership; approved the program for a 2013 webinar series on IWRM; heard reports from task forces on: the Integrated Water Resources Management Certification proposal; State section relations, AWRA’s 50th Anniversary, and the US Water Partnership. We also heard from Wiley-Blackwell, the publisher of JAWRA. The Board meets next for its 2-day strategic meeting in early February.


Bill Battagalin
AWRA president

2 thoughts on “December 2012 President’s Message

  1. John Wells

    Thanks, Bill, for leading AWRA with such humor, thoughtfulness, and grace. Thanks to you its been a very constructive year, and fun to boot!

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