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ICIWarm Partners Meeting

Washington, DC – December 4, 2012

ICIWaRM is the acronym for the International Center for Integrated Water Resources Management. The center was created by a 2009 agreement between the U. S. Government and UNESCO and is one of about 20 water-themed UNESCO centers worldwide. It is headquartered at the Institute for Water Resources of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Alexandria, VA. It is a network of U. S. Government agencies, universities, professional societies, and NGOs.

On December 4, 2012, ICIWaRM held a meeting of partner organizations in Washington, DC. AWRA is a partner organization and was represented at the meeting by Past President Michael Campana, and Technical Director Richard Engberg. Other partners in attendance included the U. S. Geological Survey, the Corps of Engineers, Colorado State University, Florida International University, Oregon State University, University of Arizona, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and UNESCO.

The purposes of the meeting were to discuss the ICIWaRM role within the UNESCO-IHP Program, to review the accomplishments of ICIWaRM since inception, and to determine a strategy for moving ahead. Member organizations reported on their work on IWRM. Campana, who wore hats both for AWRA and Oregon State, reported on AWRA’s role as the lead organization dealing with IWRM at the World Water Forum in March in Marseille, France. Engberg reported on the award created by AWRA for outstanding projects using IWRM, which was presented for the first time at the AWRA Annual Conference in November 2012.

A principal outcome of the partner’s meeting is that in the future, ICIWaRM will support and participate in several UNESCO programs/initiatives including the International Drought Initiative, the International Flood Initiative, Hydrology for Environment Life and Policy, and Water for Peace: From Potential Conflicts to Cooperation Potential.

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