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JAWRA Highlights – February 2013

JAWRA Highlights – February 2013

Sanford and Selnick present a new estimate of evapotranspiration across the conterminous U.S.

Wigington et al. develop a hydrologic landscape classification approach that describes factors of climate-watershed systems that control the hydrologic characteristics of watersheds.

Tufekcioglu et al. question the assumption streams can be protected from grazing effects by specifying some buffer distance.

Polebitski and Palmer investigate customer response to demand management strategies during two drought periods in the City of Seattle.

Arbuckle examines the effectiveness of Iowa’s Local Water Protection.

Xia et al. discuss some aspects of modeling the important but immensely complex Yellow River.

McMahon and Smith analyze the potential economics of the Arkansas Valley “Super Ditch.”

Chen et al. examine possible scenarios for U.S. water withdrawals over the next 25 years.

Carleton and Mohamoud explore the effect of flow depth and velocity on nitrogen loss rates in channels.

Kinzel et al. compare LiDAR to conventional methods for mapping river bathymetry.

Varghese et al. investigate the marginal profitability of cultivating rice under irrigation.

BOOK REVIEWS: Rainwater harvesting in rural China; Membrane Technology; Land Decontamination; Desalinization … and more.

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