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TGIF! Weekly Water News Summary, 2 – 8 March 2013

Don’t forget that at 2 AM this Sunday morning (10 March) much of the USA and Canada and other places go on Davlight Saving Times. Turn your clocks ahead one hour (if you still have to) before retiring Saturday night.

Want to see the many and varied talents of our OSU WaterWonksand School of Public Policy People? Click here. No Harlem Shake, thank heavens.

C404a8ce1b5b08a4fbfbac-beaver-logoAnd how about our new ‘beaver’ logo adopted by the OSU Athletic Department? One wag described it as a ‘walnut with teeth’. Don’t forget the eyes.

You’ll note that a few of the job Tweets have downloadable documents associated with them. I could not include them in the original Tweet.

Enjoy this week’s news summary!

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” — Wayne Gretzky

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