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TGIF! Weekly Water News Summary, 20 – 26 April 2013

Well, it got up to 82 degrees F (28 degrees C) here in Corvallis today. Sunshine, blue 3522180
sky. Could see the Cascade Range from my home office.

This picture is by Jeremiah OsGo (on Twitter, too). It is looking east over a wheatfield toward the Cascade Range.

ImagesRest in peace, George Jones,who died today at 81. As someone said, ‘His life was a country & western song.’

I don’t know where he’s going, but I know how he’s getting there.

Enjoy – click here!

“This water, once it’s used, is gone for good. Unlike any other human use that I can think of, it’s extracted from the hydrological cycle, never to return.” – Pat Wilson, member of the Northern Plains Resource Council, discussing groundwater used in fracking operations, Casper Star-Tribune, 26 April 2013

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